Auction 003 Artists on the Rise Contemporary Art Auction
By Chinwe Russell
May 20, 2024
Victorian Crescent, Doncaster DN2 5BP, UK
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LOT 16:

THE KINGDOM OF FUNGI #2 BY FAZAR ROMA AGUNG WIBISONO watercolor on paper 2024 Artwork Signed

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Auction took place on May 20, 2024 at Chinwe Russell

THE KINGDOM OF FUNGI #2 BY FAZAR ROMA AGUNG WIBISONO watercolor on paper 2024 Artwork Signed
Fungi (fungi) are the initial form of life in the world if studied scientifically, fungi are the starting point for the growth of plants that are underground and on the surface of the soil, and fungi immediately have an important role in the ecosystem at the beginning of the presence of life on this earth. Fungi can exist in the deepest soil, in plants, animals and the human body which can function well or not, although now fungi are only categorized as the third form of life in the world, fungi are an ancient civilization that made this world alive in a real way due to the presence of the world's ecosystem, fungi can also to be the savior of the current ecosystem which has been damaged by our current lifestyle, and fungi can also be one of the world's saviors in the future. "Short sketch of the artist :
I am a fazar roma agung wibisono painter from Bandung, Indonesia, I studied fine arts by studying from fine arts and design high school and then went to fine arts and design high school (university), after graduating I worked at an art gallery in Yogyakarta Indonesia as a painting artist with a contract for 7 years, now I am only as a freelance painter and continue my career as a painter.
I started working when I started high school of fine arts then continued to college of fine arts and design to be able to learn more about fine arts, practice materials in working initially on paper as well as on canvas using watercolors, oil paints as well as acrylics then started painting with other media from used materials such as used skateboard decks, milk cartons and other used materials, and sometimes working on wall murals.
In practice, in the theme of my work, I use a theme or series as a reference in my work because it makes it easier for me to focus on each of my works. for technical styling in using surrealism, cartoons, lowbrow art, symbolic and semi-realistic techniques.
" bandung 32 x 24cm
Condition:  Good
Measurement:  32 x 24 cm

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